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Vision For The Mahoning Valley

Vision Statement

As United States Congressman from the 13th district of Ohio, I will grow our communities through equipping businesses and the people of our region for success.

Accomplishing The Mission

Restoring and revitalizing The Mahoning Valley is no small task!  It will take the coming together of businesses and residents.  Regardless of race or political affiliation we must work together.  The only other option is to follow the path of the past few decades and continue to fail.  Finding common ground is our way to success.

Our area has been stricken by a terrible drug epidemic.  To address this we must do everything within our means.  The first action is to stop the drug flow coming into our communities.  This can primarily be accomplished by ensuring we legislate the resources necessay to secure our Southern Border.  Likewise we must fix our broken immigration system.  By doing these two measures we will stop a great majority of the problem.  We also enact funds for both medical and faith based programs to treat those that are addicted.  Finally we need better control of pharmaceuticals that can easily be abused.

Another key issue is jobs.  We have watched as manufacturers have closed leaving thousands unemployed as well as causing a steady decline in population.  Meanwhile our current congressman stands idly by only appearing for photo-OP moments.  We need someone who will work tirelessly to ensure an environment that will solidify existing businesses, attract new businesses, and produce trained workers for the workplace.  In so doing our Valley will once again be the HEARTBEAT of America.

A pressing issue for many is healthcare.  To drive costs down we should open the market across state lines, ensure drug companies are not price gouging, and then BIG GOVT needs to get out of it!

Whether or not you believe Climate Change is or isn't a big deal, it is an issue that is used as a political agenda.  It is time to lay this to rest!  Through the conversion of energy production to Gen IV Nuclear technology that consumes old nuclear waste as fuel and is meltdown free we will produce the Greenest energy available and produce ZERO CO2 from it.  It is time to join in on the Green NUCLEAR Deal!  This will also give the Valley an opportunity to become a manufacturer of the Gen IV reactors.

We can look at all our challenges and shrink back in fear or we can see them for what they are - great opportunities!  Are YOU up for the task?

We ALL Must Do Our Part

Without UNITY there is no COMMUNITY!

We have all heard the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child."  Likewise, with any GREAT MOVEMENT it takes hard work of many people.  There is something we can all find to participate in.  Our TEAM needs you!  Tell everyone you know to vote for Duane Hennen for Congress in OUR 13th District.  Come join us for special events.  Get a yard sign and bumper sticker.  Help with canvassing and phone calls.  Follow on Twitter and Facebook.  And last but not least, we need your financial help!

Become part of the change our Valley desperately needs!